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Welcome ACT Practice Testers!


The General Rules

  • Clear your table top except for your pencils, the answer sheet, and the test booklet
  • During the actual ACT you will be required to hand over any tech including phones, smart-watches etc. 
  • Place your calculator and snacks on the floor under your seat
  • If you finish a section early, review your answers and wait for the proctor to being the next section
  • There will be timing reminders about 1/2 way through each section and then again when there are 5 minutes remaining
  • Be sure to read the instructions carefully before starting a section


  • English - 45 min
  • Math - 60 min
    • 10 Minute Break
  • Reading - 35 min
  • Science - 35 min



  • We will send an email to our test scoring software.  
  • Enter your answers through our online bubble sheet.
  • See and download your score report. 

















Scoring Instructions