Certification Programs for Independent Tutors and Educational Service Organizations

Standardized Curricula + Contemporary Educational Theory 

Standardized & Comprehensive

Built by experienced tutor-trainers, our Tutor Credentialing and Certification Programs include standards-based training on pedagogy, content, and lesson implementation.  

Whether you need to specialize in an Academic Subject or on a particular section of the SAT or ACT we have a comprehensive program to get you trained up!

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These days anyone can claim to be a tutor, but tutoring has devolved into a world of tutor matching ecosystems which claim to offer steady pay under the pretense of "employment." 

Insiders know that although training and certification are not required to be a tutor, both can go a long way towards helping aspiring tutors digest the material, write lessons, and learn how to deliver them. 

TPAPT's Instructional Tutor Training and SAT/ACT Tutor Training are the first standardized trainings for independent test prep and tutoring professionals outside of commercial test prep.

If you earn a badge from TPAPT, you will have demonstrated concept mastery, a facility for lesson planning, and the ability to sequence and articulate your lessons in the most effective way possible. 

Don't get us wrong, trainees also learn the tips and tricks associated with SAT and ACT test prep but the craft of tutoring is much more than shortcuts. 


Learn How to Tutor SAT or ACT (or Both)!

Over 20 hours of standards-based training for SAT and ACT instructors.

  • Review lesson plans
  • Learn lesson sequence
  • Learn and identify question-stem shortcuts
  • Complete concept mastery assessment
  • Complete live online interview

SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product. ACT® is the registered trademark of ACT, Inc. which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product

Standardized Training for SAT/ACT Tutors

SAT/ACT Teacher Training Curriculum with an easy to follow syllabus, lesson plans, and 3 months of access to material for both tests

24/7 Web Based Lessons w/ 12 Months of Access

Lessons are available anytime and are delivered remotely through our training platform. 


Concept Mastery Training

24/7 access to thousands of practice questions with a comprehensive review of SAT/ACT tactics and explanations.

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Test Prep Not Your Thing?

If you are an Academic Subject tutor, we have a program for you as well.  Earn a Digital Badge which reflects your subject expertise in as little as one day.   When you are ready, schedule a call and we'll tell you what to prepare. 

Academic Subject Tutor Training

Code of Ethics

TPAPT Certified Tutors, Institutional Members, and Partners are among the most knowledgable and best practitioners of enrichment learning and supplemental educational services in the industry.

For that reason we and they adhere to a strict Code of Professional Ethics.

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