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Continuing Education for Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals

TPAPT is  a National Not-for-Profit Association of over 10,000 Independent Tutors, IECs, Owner-Operators, and Test Preparation Professionals.  

Founded in 2010 by Kevin Organisciak, co-creator of Kaplan's game changing "Higher Score Guarantee," TPAPT provides economical Tutor Training, Tutor Staffing, Continuing Education, and Business Development tools and expertise. 

If you are passionate about helping others learn, have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent, and believe in the power of independent education, check out our membership!  


Free Membership

Tutor-Development Program

We've been training and placing tutors for over a decade.  

If you are passionate about helping others but a little inexperienced, we help tutors accumulate student contact hours. 

The Tutor Development Program includes a standards-based certification track, an online tutoring profile visible to recruiters, and free access to our Matching Site. 

Certified Tutors also appear in our Directory and may receive client referrals. 

**All tutors must offer at least one free tutoring session per month and agree to our Code of Professional Ethics.


SAT/ACT Training & Certification 

Great test prep tutors are made, not born.  With solid lesson plans and strong grounding in the test material, tutors are able to carefully and meaningfully guide their students to understanding and mastery.  We believe all tutors have the capacity to help students succeed and our standards-based SAT/ACT tutor training lends itself to that process. 

Our SAT/ACT Certification takes each tutor through a rigorous  and standardized SAT and/or ACT training program.  This is an asynchronous training with a synchronous certification meeting.



Certify Your Organization

Certified Providers demonstrate a commitment to excellence through an annual academic audit.  

Practitioners must agree to our Code of Professional Ethics as well as to  observe student outcomes as the truest indicator of success.

Once certified, we'll send you badge and a certificate suitable for framing.  We'll  steer some student referrals your way as well. 

If your program shares the same values,  please schedule a time to learn more. 



Articles & Archives for Edupreneurs

Best Practices & Hacks from Fellow Tutors & Test Prep Professionals

2021 Local Tutoring & Test Prep for All Initiative

Free SAT Web Video Class

We believe in the power of an educational meritocracy and, although current tools such as the SAT & ACT may be flawed, the solution should not be to lower the bar of educational standards.  

Instead, we just think everyone should have universal access to quality test preparation and tutoring. 

To that end, one of our resident experts, Mr. C, covers all sections of the SAT through 40 Video Lessons and 2 Tests.

Take a diagnostic test, review your results, then watch the lessons as often as you need.  This course is available in multiple languages.  Sign up for immediate access!

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" “TPAPT has been a big help in helping us recruit top notch talent. I am grateful to them and reach out whenever I’m hiring.” "

-Nitin Sawhney, Principal, Vice President, Marks Education Group, LLC

"“Eight years ago, I was an individual tutor looking to expand my business beyond myself but with little idea how to do so. Luckily, I found Kevin and TPAPT right at that time. TPAPT helped me develop paperwork and procedures, manage hiring, develop a marketing strategy, and connect with other test prep and education professionals who could help me grow and improve my business. Now my company has sixteen employees and is growing in a highly competitive region.” "

-Ben Sexton, Founder, Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring.

"“We asked TPAPT to help our company expand our test prep programs. We were impressed with their professionalism and expertise. The team was diligent in learning our current market and processes and proposed a plan that has kept us growing.” "

-Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman, President/Founder, Team Tutor, LLC.

You are an Educator and a Business Owner.

Our blog contains articles from independent test prep & tutoring professionals, students, and educational entrepreneurs.  

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