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We're a National Consortium of Local Test Prep and Tutoring Professionals

The Association of Test Preparation, Admissions, and Private Tutoring is an association of independent, locally owned test prep, tutoring, and college admissions programs.

Our community is collegial and generous  and for over a decade our mission has been to help local owner-operators and independent tutors thrive. 

If you are passionate about helping others learn, have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent, and believe in the transformative power of independent education, take a look at our member services!


" TPAPT has been a big help in helping us recruit top notch talent. I am grateful to them. "

-Nitin Sawhney, Principal, Vice President, Marks Education Group, LLC

"“Eight years ago, I was an individual tutor looking to expand my business beyond myself but with little idea how to do so. Luckily, I found Kevin and TPAPT right at that time. TPAPT helped me develop paperwork and procedures, manage hiring, develop a marketing strategy, and connect with other test prep and education professionals who could help me grow and improve my business. Now my company has sixteen employees and is growing in a highly competitive region.” "

-Ben Sexton, Founder, Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring.

"“We asked TPAPT to help our company expand our test prep programs. We were impressed with their professionalism and expertise. The team was diligent in learning our current market and processes and proposed a plan that has kept us growing.” "

-Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman, President/Founder, Team Tutor, LLC.

We love helping tutors learn to tutor the SAT and the ACT!

Great test prep tutors are made, not born.  With solid lesson plans and strong grounding in the test material, tutors are able to carefully and meaningfully guide their students to understanding and mastery.  We believe all tutors have the capacity to help students succeed and our standards-based SAT/ACT tutor training lends itself to that process. 

Our SAT/ACT Training takes each tutor through a rigorous  and standardized SAT and/or ACT instructor training program.  

TPAPT certification includes a micro-credential, a tutoring profile and access to our network of over 14,000 tutoring employers.



An ethical commitment to our students through certification

TPAPT chapters can be found under 'Tutors' in the main menu and we provide them as much support as we can muster 

In order to become a chapter, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to student outcomes, have no unresolved BBB complaints, and undergo a short "best practice" audit.    

Chapters must also agree to follow our Code of Professional Ethics.


We also love helping new tutors get started!

If you are passionate about helping others but a little inexperienced, we can help you accumulate student contact hours and work on your online lesson delivery through our Tutor Development program.

The program includes a standards-based certification track, an online tutoring profile visible to recruiters, and free access to our matching service and GoBoard  Web Tutoring.


You are an Educator and a Business Owner.

Our blog contains articles from independent test prep & tutoring professionals, students, and educational entrepreneurs.  

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