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We are on a mission to expand student access to local test prep & tutoring programs 

About us

TPAPT was started in 2010 by Kevin Organisciak, M.Ed. Kevin co-created the Kaplan Higher Score/Money Back Guarantee in 2004.  The basic premise of that guarantee required students and tutors to be mutually accountable for academic success.  

The initiative was an industry game-changer; it required companies to more firmly stand behind their tutoring while also requiring students to take ownership of their effort.

TPAPT has grown since 2010 and is now a National Consortium of Local Owner-Operator Tutoring & College Advising programs.  Our group is driven by a common desire to deliver on the promise of student success by constantly improving organizational effectiveness. 

Our members, friends, and affiliates observe a Code of Professional Ethics  in the form of clear expectation-setting and a straightforward tutoring guarantee.  

As a nonprofit association, TPAPT also offers Professional Development, Standards-Based SAT/ACT Tutor Training, and White Label Services to local businesses and community based organizations.  

If you are honest, believe in the power of education, and have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent, check out the rest of the site.  If you like what you see, we invite you to join the community.


More about Our Member Companies...

Who are the cool kids? 

Over 10,000 Neighborhood Tutors,  Owner-Operators and Solopreneurs unequivocally committed to student outcomes as the most important measurement of success. 

What does a normal day look like for our members?

About 1/3 of the membership identifies with being a tutor/advisor first during a typical workday and over half spend most of the day on academic development and program quality.

What does a normal week look like for us?

We tutor about 1/2 the time and run the business the other 1/2 of the time.  In between, we think about how to get better at both.  

Join Our Test Prep for All Initiative

While the SAT and the ACT may be flawed, the idea of having a meritocratic-based education system is not.  

The answer isn't to eliminate the tests, it is to expand access so that all students can prepare for those tests with similar resources.  

We think part of the answer is within reach:  pairing the best Local Independent Test Prep and Tutoring Professionals with motivated students regardless of socio-economics.

Help us match Title I students with your  free or low fee test prep tutoring.

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