Become a TPAPT Approved Provider

If you are serious about helping students succeed, have an entrepreneurial bent, and are committed to organizational excellence, we'd like to get behind your program! 

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Code of Ethics

TPAPT Certified Tutors, Institutional Members, and Partners are among the most knowledgable and best practitioners of enrichment learning and supplemental educational services in the industry.

For that reason we and they adhere to a strict Code of Professional Ethics.

What Does it Mean to be TPAPT Approved  Provider?


TPAPT employs a proprietary operational checklist to ensure that TPAPT "certified" stands for honest, transparent, effective educational programming.  

Here are some of the key characteristics families can expect from TPAPT approved programs. 

  • Trained and competent tutors
  • SAT/ACT tutors deliver lessons rather than just review questions
  • An existing SAT/ACT Tutor Training program of at least 20 hours
  • A focus on student outcomes as the key metric of success
  • A transparent payment and refund policy 
  • No outstanding consumer complaints
  • Web ratings of > 4.5
  • Adherence to a Code of Professional Ethics as well as the standards created by the Council for the Advanacement of Standards in Higher Education.


Process to Become Approved

  • Successfully complete our SAT/ACT Instructor Training Course


  • Schedule a 20 minute approval meeting. We'll go through operational, pedagogical, and promotional practices to help get you started

Approved Provider Benefits

  • Directory Listing
  • Permission to Respond to Requests for Tutoring through our SAT/ACT Facebook Group
  • Local Event Marketing
  • Discounts on Training Programs


  • Once approved, there is annual membership fee based on territory size.

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