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Our consortium of local teachers and tutors offers free or low-cost test prep tutoring and college planning programs directly to schools, community groups, and Title I Students.  

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Free SAT Video Course with Closed Captioning for ESL Students. Thank You Mr. C.!

Students for whom English is not the first language spoken in the household face additional obstacles when preparing for the SAT.  This course covers all sections of the SAT through a standard syllabus and close-caption subtitle options. 


Free SAT/ACT/ISEE/SSAT Practice Testing

TPAPT hosts, proctors, and provides test scoring to schools and community based organizations for free. 


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Free SAT/ACT Question Workshops. Thank you Enhanced Prep!


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Our Working-Student Scholarships

Each year we help award, four, $1000 educational scholarships to deserving students who balance work and school.

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Free SAT/ACT Study Materials.  Thank You TP4S!


40 Vocabulary Challenge Activities

40 Grammar Challenges for the SAT and ACT

40 SAT Math Challenges

Ultimate Formula Sheet for the SAT

Ultimate Formula Sheet for the ACT

Week of the SAT Study Guide

Sample Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math



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College Central

SAT, ACT, Test Optional, FAFSA, EFC?

Don't worry -- we explain it all!  Everything to do with the college admissions journey.


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Volunteer as a Peer Tutor. Thank You GoBoard!

You can give back by volunteering one hour per month as a Homework Help Tutor.  

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Videos from Local Tutoring Mavens (and some from Us).
Help with ACT

ACT Math Pattern Recognition Questions

Study Skills

Good Habits. Easy to do and Worthwhile to try.

Study Skills for Middle School and High School Students
Test Optional Admissions

Get Educated on the 3 Different Types

Planning Your Test Prep

Learn about the SAT / ACT Study Cycle

SAT study plan