Everyone Deserves Access to Effective Local Tutoring & College Planning

We offer free or low-cost test prep and college planning programs directly to schools, community groups, and Title I students.  

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Each year we help award, four, $1000 educational scholarships to deserving students.

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Student Blog


Don't worry -- we explain it all!  

Everything to do with the college admissions journey.

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College Planning

 Andover College Planning offers pro-bono or low-cost college planning services to Title I students. 

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Homework Help Tutoring

We have dozens of tutors who offer a free tutoring session.   So we thought "why not let students tap into this resource when they run into trouble with a homework problem?"  

You can give back by volunteering 1 hour per week as a Homework Help Tutor.


Free SAT Video Course

Students for whom English is not the first language spoken in the household face additional obstacles when preparing for the SAT.  

We've created a free video course which can be close captioned and reviewed as often as necessary. 

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Peer Mentoring

Learn how you can help students through our near peer mentoring program.



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TPAPT Access Scholarships Program

Each year our members help award, four, $1000 educational scholarships to deserving students.

TPAPT Members in good standing may apply to Co-Sponsor.