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Continuing Education  for Owner-Operator Tutors,  IECs, and Test Prep Professionals

Join us Live Online July 22nd & 23rd.  

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How Much is My Education Business Worth?

Presenter:  John Murray, CEO, NoodlePros

Workshop, Q & A, Web Recording. 

John will take us through the timing, business valuation, and over all process involved when selling/acquiring an educational service business. We'll talk asset valuation and roll-ups as well.   Learn more

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Fostering Parternships with Community Based Organizations


Presenter: Marina Grijalva, Founder, Mundoacademy

Format:  Live Workshop, Q & A, Web Recording.  

Ever wonder what the tutoring needs are in marginalized student populations?  Marina will discuss how these needs can be addressed by local tutoring companies and community based organizations (CBOs).  Learn more


Intellectual Property Rules for Tutors, IECs, and Test Prep Professionals

Speaker: Mark S. Kaufman

Trademark/IP attorney Mark S. Kaufman will talk through IP rules associated with using content such as tests from ACT or/and Collegeboard.

Mark Kaufman has practiced law for over 30 years. He co-founded Kaufman & Kahn LLP, based in New York City. Mr. Kaufman has a broad-based business law and commercial litigation practice with a focus on trademark and copyright law.

He also has expertise in negotiating a range of agreements relating to the use, protection and licensing of intellectual property.

He represents a range of clients, including manufacturers, e-commerce companies, retailers, and publishers.

Mr. Kaufman is a graduate of Amherst College and Columbia Law School. Learn more.


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GRE & GMAT Trends

Sat Sharma, Poets & Quants

Vertical integration is a tried and true strategy for test prep & tutoring professionals.  Companies often expand service offerings from SAT/ACT to GRE/GMAT.  Sat will review current business and graduate school admissions trends to help us understand whether GRE/GMAT product integration makes sense. 

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Social Media/SEO for Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals

Alex Asher, Learncube

Is your marketing falling flat? Feeling like you’re getting out-muscled on social media? Maybe not even sure where to start?

Join Alex in this marketing masterclass focused on getting your marketing into shape.

By the end of this workshop you will feel confident about your target-market, equipped with proven strategies to try, and excited about putting ideas into action.

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Your Most Important Product -  Tutors 

Neill Seltzer, Mindprint Learning 

Building an effective tutoring brand requires effective tutors. But things like employment type, hourly rates, prep time, and annual raises are often not as deliberate as they need to be to nurture the growth, development, and retention of top tier tutors & test prep professionals.

Neill will unpack the strategies he has observed and used to build win-win staffing programs.

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The Faults in the Case for Test-Optional Admissions

Presenter:  Matt Larriva, Powerful Prep

Is Test-Optional Working? Maybe not the way it is supposed to be.  Business analyst and test prep super tutor, Matt Larriva will take a deep dive into the most recent US College Admissions data to help us decipher exactly if/how Test Optional Admissions is working. 

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Is ACT/SAT-Optional the 'New Normal?"

Presenter:  Bob Schaeffer, Fairtest

Three-quarters of all U.S. colleges and universities did not require applicants to submit ACT/SAT score for fall 2021, and more than two-thirds have already announced that these policies will continue at least through fall 2022. Is test-optional admissions, the "new normal?"


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Growing Your Own:  How to Train & Retain Great Tutors

Presenter:  Robin Satty, Ed. D., STEMSmart Consulting

It can feel impossible to hire - and retain - excellent tutors. What if you don't need to hire them? What if you can hire excellent people and turn them into excellent tutors? What if you could do this in a way that was efficient and provided the most value for your business and your students? We think you can!

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To our sponsors and distinguished presenters.  We could not do what we do without your generosity and expertise!  

About Our Continuing Education Conferences

We strive to generate practical takeaways related to Staffing, Operating, and Marketing a local test prep, tutoring, or college admissions advising practice.  Here are some basics:  
• Sessions are minimalist but content-heavy, run 60 minutes, and have a 15 minute Q & A built in.
• Topics are chosen based on feedback from an annual member survey
• All TPAPT events are created specifically to empower local tutoring owner-operators and independent test prep professionals 
• Conferences are modeled after a business offsite meeting, designed to generate high-yield, practicable takeaways 
• You can sign-up for individual sessions or for the full conference at a discount.
• Web recordings will be made available and Watch Parties are encouraged;-)