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Hey ChatGPT, Does Test Prep Tutoring Work?

We could not resist seeing what the latest AI engine thinks about test prep based on the research.  Enjoy!

Standardized testing is an important method of assessment, particularly in the United States where the SAT and ACT exams are widely used for college admissions. The question of whether test prep helps to improve SAT and ACT scores is a highly debated topic we thought worth tackling. 

The research on the effectiveness of test preparation on SAT and ACT scores is mixed. While...

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Does "Test Optional" Mean Optional for Me?

By. Matthew Larriva  & Kevin Organisciak


Part I: Does “test optional” mean optional for me?

We are all familiar with the difference between “optional” (it makes no difference whether you do or don’t) and “optional” (technically you can choose this, but you probably shouldn’t). You have the option to read Stephen King’s latest release (it’s quite good), and the option to serve as your own attorney (and have a fool as a...

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