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Feedback from the Latest International SAT Test Administration

Since the first live DSAT in March, we've been diligently gathering feedback through exit surveys after each test administration. Our mission? To refine the test content, gauge question difficulty, and ensure students are well-prepared. We believe that every test-taker deserves a level playing field and an exam experience that doesn't throw curveballs.

In the August test, our feedback brought up a few interesting points:

Recycled Questions from the Bluebook App: We discovered that some...

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Positioning Your Tutoring Business for Success in the New Digital SAT Era

As the education landscape continues to evolve, tutors are often the first point of contact for students and parents seeking guidance on navigating academic changes. With the impending shift to the new Digital SAT format, you can expect a flurry of inquiries regarding which test is most suitable for the incoming class.

To provide effective guidance during this transitional period, it's crucial to adapt your tutoring business's approach. Here's how to position your tutoring business for...

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