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What to do if you're a bad test taker

As a test prep tutor, I’ve worked with scores of students who describe themselves as bad test takers.  The other tutors I collaborate with have had the same experience, and we started to wonder, what does it even mean to be a bad test taker?  We listed the patterns that we saw in our struggling students and came to a surprising conclusion.  Being a bad test taker isn’t something you are – it’s something you do.


Actually, it might be several...

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Does "Test Optional" Mean Optional for Me?

By. Matthew Larriva  & Kevin Organisciak


Part I: Does “test optional” mean optional for me?

We are all familiar with the difference between “optional” (it makes no difference whether you do or don’t) and “optional” (technically you can choose this, but you probably shouldn’t). You have the option to read Stephen King’s latest release (it’s quite good), and the option to serve as your own attorney (and have a fool as a...

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College Board Clarifies Fall SAT Test Administration Plans

The College Board walked back plans to provide "In Home" SAT testing this year during a press conference today.   Instead they seem to be doubling down on in-person testing by adding an additional test administration in January.  Additionally, they asked colleges to give latitude to students graduating in 2020 and 2021.  

With regard to that last point, students graduating this year or next have, of course, had to struggle with test postponements, cancellations,...

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