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Marks Education Group, LLC
“Kevin Organisciak and TPAPT have been a big help in helping us recruit top notch talent. I am grateful to him and reach out to him whenever I’m hiring.”

-Nitin Sawhney, Principal, Vice President, Marks Education Group, LLC

BWS Education, Columbus, Oh

“TPAPT's  expertise was instrumental in helping me transform my tutoring business from a sole-proprietorship to a multi-employee corporation. From his insights on hiring practices to his knowledge about human resources policies, Kevin gave me the vital information I needed to confidently and competently expand my company.”  

-Brian Stewart, President, BWS Education;  Author, Barron’s PSAT/NMSQT 1520

 The Princeton Review

“I got to know Kevin at exactly the right time.  Is spent 18 months running the East Region Tutoring Programs at The Princeton Review at a time when we were undergoing a major restructure and acquisition.  Kevin was a veteran in the field and I found his mentoring and guidance to be intuitive and thoughtful.  If you are looking ot build your business, troubleshoot challenges, or just need a partner who has been in the test prep and tutoring field for most of his impressive career,  then I encourage you to connect with Kevin to see how he can  support your efforts.”         

-Catherine Carrington, Executive Director, Eastern Region Tutoring, The Princeton Review. 

Chyten Franchise Association

“As one of the leaders of the Franchisees’ Association, I worked closely with Kevin during his work with Chyten Educational Services. I found that Kevin brought competence, process, long term thinking and honest dialogue.  Even dealing with difficult issues, Kevin was willing to listen and bring all views and considerations into the discussion so that the best path could be pursued.”

-Tom Souls, Past President, Chyten Franchise Association

M-Power Tutoring

“When people ask me what has allowed my business to grow so quickly, I always attribute it to the critical staging work I did with TPAPT.  We spent several months building out a brand, a cash flow model, and refining the basic client experience.  This important work allowed me to easily grow from two tutors holding 20 lessons a month to over 15 tutors teaching 100+ lessons in less than six months!  The team encouraged me to set my sights high and act as if I was already the successful business I wanted to be.  I could not have grown my team so fast and so easily if it wasn’t for the invaluable experience and professional advice from Kevin and team.  I highly recommend them for coaching to any professional and aspiring entrepreneur.”

-Michelle Kaiser, Founder/Principal, M-Power Tutoring

A+ Test Prep and Tutoring 

I have known Kevin for several years. We met at an educator’s conference and have stayed in touch over the years. Kevin is very generous with his time and with providing information to test prep firms who need advice from time to time. He has a wealth of knowledge about this industry and adds value to those he works with. And more importantly, Kevin has integrity. I am happy to recommend his services to those who need help improving their test prep businesses.

-Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., President
A+ Test Prep and Tutoring

Bybee College Prep

“Joining TPAPT gets you more than just cookie-cutter marketing help. The team has helped me refine what I do well and diagnose how to improve where I’ve needed to. Kevin has been instrumental in helping Bybee College Prep extend its reach and increase it’s contacts as well as improve the overall business model. His experience in the test prep and tutoring industries is critical, and his responsiveness to all of my questions has made him an irreplaceable member of our team.”

-Shane Bybee, Founder, Bybee College Prep

Christianson Tutorials

“TPAPT has been instrumental in helping stabilize and grow my tutoring business.  As a result of TPAPT's member services, I have made changes in how I hire, train, recruit, and even market Christianson Tutorials’ services.  The money I have spent with TPAPT has been a small investment compared to the tangible benefits that I have experienced:   a better run organization with fewer headaches and an increase in revenues.   TPAPT’s consulting services are invaluable if you are looking for help in defining, changing, or implementing strategic changes to your test prep or tutoring company. I cannot thank Kevin and team enough for helping me improve my tutoring company at every level.”  

-John Christianson, Owner/Founder, Christianson Tutorials.

Clear Choice Test Prep

“Kevin combines years of experience with his own fresh insights into the world of test prep and academic tutoring.  His guidance helps tutoring companies grow through thoughtful planning and careful management.  As a result, he’s become a thought-leader on Linked-in and everywhere tutors congregate online.  If you’re interested in maximizing the growth of your tutoring company, you should give Kevin a call.”

-Matt McCorkle, Co-Founder, Clear Choice

 Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring

“Two years ago, I was an individual tutor looking to expand my business beyond myself but with little idea how to do so.  Luckily, I found Kevin right at that time.  He helped me develop paperwork and procedures, manage hiring, develop a marketing strategy, and connect with other test prep and education professionals who could help me grow and improve my business.  Now my company has six employees and is growing in a highly competitive region.  Kevin’s insight into the test preparation industry was invaluable.  I would suggest that if you are looking to grow your tutoring business, you should get in touch with Kevin asap.”

-Ben Sexton, Founder, Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring.

 Future Prep, LLC

“The consulting services provided by Kevin and his Test Prep Professionals group were of immense value to my company.  Kevin was able to provide direct ROI with recruitment solutions that expanded our business dramatically.  Kevin also provided strategic benefit to our growth plan through his  wealth of experience in educational services at both the field and executive level.  If you are interested in growing your business and expanding your revenue streams, I highly recommend working with Kevin and his group.”  

-Kevin Abplanalp, President, Future Prep, LLC.

 Team Tutor, LLC

“We hired Kevin as a consultant to assist our company expand our test prep programs.   We were impressed with Kevin’s professionalism and expertise.   He was extremely diligent in learning our current market and processes.  He proposed a strategy and a plan that has been successfully growing.    I highly recommend Kevin’s consulting service.”                                                                                                              

 -Yolanda  Coleman, President/Founder, Team Tutor, LLC.

” TPAPT provided us with information and direction regarding ACT Test Prep services.  Their experience working with schools and families exceeded expectations.  I would definitely recommend TPAPT to anyone who is new to the business or anyone seeking to grow their market.”                                                                                                                                                                         

 -Joe Becker, President,

 Cambridge-Michigan Language Assessment

“Kevin delivered an ESL industry assessment that we found both compelling and insightful.”

 Mindspire, LLC

“TPAPT has been an important factor in the growth of my tutoring business. His marketing calendar gave me specific ideas on how to market my tutoring services, to whom, as well as optimal times to do everything.

–Shahar Link, Mindspire Tutoring, LLC

 The GK Academy

“I highly recommend TPAPT.  They have  provided fantastic operational guidance to my company.  This has led to better management of my company’s resources.   TPAPT’s marketing recommendations are practical and plentiful.  Kevin and I have had numerous spirited discussions.  These discussions have almost always led to novel business strategies.  Finally, Kevin  and team are highly trustworthy.  They do what they say they will do. 

Inspiring Test Prep & Tutoring

Kate Dalby President: Inspiring Test PreparationJuly 22, 2017, Kate was a client of Kevin’sI just finished a 2-day conference hosted by TPAPT. I am delighted he took the initiative to get a group of test prep professionals together to share best practices, marketing, and technology related to our field. I learned a lot. Thank you, Kevin, for making this possible.




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