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What is the syllabus that SAT tutors use?

Syllabi are often hand-crafted by experience tutors so I don’t know that there is a “standard” syllabus to observe. Having said that, a quick and inexpensive way to manage to get access a good syllabus lives on The College Board Website - SAT Lesson Plans.

Alternatively, you could do what many tutors do when the start out: buy a quality prep book and follow the lesson plans included there.

If you really, Really, need...

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Should I charge the same rate for online tutoring as I charge for in-person tutoring? Or, which rate should be more?

 Kevin Organisciak, Founder, Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals

Great question. Larger companies charge less for online tutoring because it costs less to provide and the aggregate supply of global online tutoring currently exceeds the demand.

Assuming you buy-in to the premise, a pretty straightforward way to determine baseline pricing is to take the profit margin you generate from your current “live tutoring” and apply it to your web...

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