ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic Test

Help students narrow their focus as they start to plan their test preparation study schedule

Assign the Test Online

  • This is a 3 hour and 6 minutes (i.e. 186 minutes) timed test.
  • The test is designed to be taken in one sitting. 
  • Students may exit the test before starting and login later to begin. 
  • Time is provided for students to read the instructions.
  • Once the online test is completed, the results can be generated instantly.

Administer the Test in Person

  • We will send you a .pdf and a license to re-print on behalf of your students.
  • You can use your SAT vs. ACT Administrator Account to Score the test OR send a link to the student so they can self-score. 
  • Once you purchase the test, you can automatically log in to your account.
  • Once scored, a 9 page results analysis is generated.

A "Difference Maker" for Busy Students

Our feeback report includes a detailed analysis of student strengths and weakness by question type and by test type.  

Families and educators can use these results to create a targeted and intentional study plan. 

Help your students plan their test preparation more efficiently!