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Concept Understanding: Are My Tutors Employees or Contractors?


The business of education can be complex when it comes to human capital management.  The classic question is "should I treat my tutor as an employee or as an independent contractor?"
There are clear federal guidelines (included later) which can help us understand the central issue of control.  Still, those guidelines are often, if not always, superseded by state employment law.  
To make matters more challenging, the laws can change based on...
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A quick tip on how to use "Wait Time" to encourage student participation

By. Robin Satty, Ed.D.

Silence is golden. In teaching, it is even more important - but not for the kids, for the instructor!


Nobody’s brain works instantly. For students, who are learning new skills and developing procedural knowledge (the “how” to do stuff, like solving a linear equation), their brains take some time to evaluate a question, decide how to approach it, and then solve the problem.


Unfortunately, teachers don’t usually leave students enough...

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Is Wikipedia Reliable?

By. Robin Satty, Ed.D.

Although Wikipedia is one of the most visited sources of information on the internet, students are frequently told that it is unreliable and shouldn’t be used as a source. Should we trust it?


Ironically, if you ask Google “Is Wikipedia reliable?”, the first result is a Wikipedia page called “Wikipedia is not reliable”. However, the page is not exactly what it sounds like. It’s actually a notice to Wikipedia contributors that...

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What is Formative Assessment?

By. Robin Satty, Ed.D.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could read our students’ minds and see exactly what they were thinking? Exactly what they know and what they don’t, exactly where the made the error, and exactly what was holding them back?


We haven’t (yet) developed the technology to do that, but formative assessment is the next best thing. Formative assessment “provides information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are...

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The Case for an Equal Access National Tutoring System

Working Paper Introduction

The substantial learning loss wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic has spurred calls for scaling tutoring programs to catch students up, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What if we used this moment to make tutoring a permanent part of the public-school landscape?

After all, tutoring is among the most effective education interventions ever studied. The average effect of tutoring programs on academic achievement is larger than roughly 85 percent...

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TPAPT Summer Conference - Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations!


7th Annual Industry Conference for Tutoring Company Owner-Operators, IECs, and Edupreneurs



July 22nd & 23rd 



Live Online


RFP Information:



  • Presentation length:  30-45 minutes
  • Deadline to submit:  June 21st, 2021
  • Presenters will be...
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More research on the impact of tutoring on student outcomes

Impact of Tutoring:  Meta-Analysis

This meta-study uses random-sampling to assess the impact of tutoring across K-12 subjects and by varying tutoring-types.  It is one of several that have come out recently. View

Our take:  having a program to scale Academic Subject Tutoring looks pretty enticing. In fact, the idea of a "Tutoring Marshall Plan" has been floated at the federal level and, well, tutoring works.  


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Concept Understanding: Cross-Selling and Product Diversification



Tutoring firms can benefit in a predictable and measurable way by cross-selling products to current clients.  One of the nice things about cross-selling is that it implies an high level of engagement between tutor and client.  Most folks reading this now have probably engaged in add-ons (or cross selling)  just to provide excellent client service without actually understanding the inherent benefit to their business.  As the Test...

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Who Offers SAT Certification & Training?

We do!  TPAPT has a remote training & certification course for people interested in  tutoring either the SAT, the ACT, both, or specific sections from either.  The course  takes about 25 hours to complete.

Here is the link: SAT/ACT Training Anytime. We have a couple of other tools built specifically for tutors to find students and score practice...

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What is the syllabus that SAT tutors use?

Syllabi are often hand-crafted by experience tutors so I don’t know that there is a “standard” syllabus to observe. Having said that, a quick and inexpensive way to manage to get access a good syllabus lives on The College Board Website - SAT Lesson Plans.

Alternatively, you could do what many tutors do when the start out: buy a quality prep book and follow the lesson plans included there.

If you really, Really, need...

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